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The GST remunerated on the shopping of goods and services as offered for set-off on the GST need to be paid on the delivery of goods as well as services. Thus, the end consumer will face just the GST charged by the last broker in the chain of the supply, with set-off advantages at all the last stages. In a GST organization, goods and services are not distinguished as they move throughout the chain of supply. Being an end-based consumption tax; GST is generally charged on the import of goods and services with export deals being zero-rated under the GST plan. The GST paid on the purchase of goods and services, as well as the GST that is available for set-off on the GST, must be paid on the delivery of both products and services. The final customer will only be responsible for paying the GST that the last broker in the supply chain assessed, with set-off benefits at every level in between. In a GST company, there is no distinction between commodities and services as they flow down the supply chain. GST is an end-based consumption tax that is typically applied to imported goods and services, with zero-rating applied to export transactions under the GST scheme.


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