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The term "GST" stands for "Products and Services Tax," and it refers to a comprehensive tax levied on the production, sale, and use of goods and services. The GST is well known for offering a long chain of set-off benefits to producers as well as to service providers and retailers at all levels. However, the "supply of services" and "supply of products" are the only taxable events, the GST training is really a tax solely on value-adding at every level, and a dealer is permitted to deduct at each stage with the use of a tax credit method., the GST remunerated on the shopping of goods and services as offered for set-off on the GST need to be paid on the delivery of goods as well as services. Thus, the end consumer will face just the GST charged by the last broker in the chain of the supply, with set-off advantages at all the last stages. In a GST organization, goods and services are not distinguished as they move throughout the chain of supply.


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